We help entrepreneurs with a big vision like you develop a clear
 mission, message and marketing strategy for their product or service.


get clear & put a stake in the ground


Inspire Your Team


Increase Your Profits
and Impact

you're playing small with a confusing message

...and you know it.

You’re thrilled about the vision you got in the shower. But you know you’re playing small if you don’t know how to communicate it in a clear way people understand. 

We get it. We work with leaders like you because we are you. You were made to play big, and we want to help. 

You’ll need a clear mission, message, and marketing strategy for your product or service to play big.

Let’s bring your vision to life and tell a bigger story.  

You’re thrilled about the vision you got in the shower. But you know if you can’t communicate it in a clear way people understand, you’re playing small with revenue and impact. 

We get it. We work with leaders like you because we are you. You were made to play big. You’ll need a clear mission, message, and marketing strategy for your product or service to get there, and we’d love to help.

Let’s bring your vision to life and tell a bigger story.

businesses that succeed begin with
finding the right words to communicate to their customer

Using the right words and direction in your mission, message, and marketing strategy is the foundation for creating 
consistent revenue growth that brings your vision to life. 

a compelling mission inspires your team about where you are headed.

a clear message will let your customer know what problem you can solve for them.

a focused marketing strategy assures resources aren't wasted.

each of these are critical to your success.

your vision comes to life when your business
is aligned to one MISSION, MESSAGE & marketing strategy

A clear and implemented brand message and guiding principles wrapped around one
purpose & mission with a clear marketing strategy changes the game.

Everyone on the Same Page

Alignment and unity in your organization happen naturally when your message, mission and marketing are all aligned. 

Engagement Grows

Imagine everyone in your organization from top to bottom feeling invested in something that’s going somewhere. It’s not just possible; it will happen.

Productivity Skyrockets

It’s not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. When you’re clear on why it all matters, you’ll cover more ground in less time.

Stand Out in the Market

We live in a cluttered, noisy world. A clear mission and message give you leverage on the competition.

Attract Amazing Talent

When looking for a place to work, the best employees look for places with a bigger vision and a brighter future. With a clear purpose and compelling mission, top talent will be banging down your door.

Increase Your Profits

When everything above happens, your bottom line can’t help but grow. It’s inevitable when you’re firing on all cylinders.



I Can Help.

Confusing, small stories aren’t your jam, but you don’t know the way out. 

For almost two decades, I’ve led & worked with teams & organizations looking for clarity on how they can make a bigger impact in the world. 

Your big vision deserves a clear message. Let’s walk together and get you the clarity and direction you need with your mission, brand message and marketing strategy so you can thrive in a bigger story.

Ben Weaver
Founder & Lead Consultant

Why we use the power of story-telling in our consulting

We take a time-tested approach in working with our clients: the ancient art of storytelling. The frameworks & tools we use have been tested over thousands of years. They keep people engaged and create realignment and behaviors, leading to success for everyone involved. 

We’ll help you craft the right words to inspire everyone inside your organization and resonate with your customers.

Have Us Conduct a Workshop So You Can Inspire Your Team & Increase Your Profits

With a consultant that pushes you to clarity and guides you to the right destination, you will experience a proven process that gets your team on the same page and skyrockets your productivity. Here’s what an engagement with us looks like:



First, you and your team will receive an introduction to the power of storytelling & why framing your organization like a movie gives you the highest return for your team and profits.



Next, we’ll brainstorm and identify a clear direction your story should go and create your guiding principles: your mission, vision & values. Your purpose will be re-aligned and your entire story will come to life. We can’t overstate how thrilled our clients are to have these in place.



Once your guiding principles have been identified, it’s time to put them to work. We’ll deliver a purpose strategy playbook that you can implement into your entire organization  from top to bottom, so everyone can feel as excited as you are.



With a clear view of your purpose, mission, and why it matters, you’ll discover more of what your company can do. Our follow-up coaching will help you dream bigger about what comes next. The sky’s the limit and the possibilities endless.

What our clients say about our work:

Your Path to a Clear Way Forward


Schedule a Call

We want to learn more about your business and your current needs. We’ll recommend the right next steps so you can move forward with confidence.



We’ll work together in consulting sessions to develop a clear mission, message that excites you and your team.


Grow Like Crazy

After working together, you’ll have everything you need to smash through the ceiling you’ve been hitting and grow like crazy. 

Three Choices For Finding Your Clarity & Purpose


For Businesses & Organizations 
Our workshops help leadership teams, businesses, organizations and corporations build around one purpose, mission and vision so they can increase their profits and impact on the world. 

Starting at $5,000


For Leaders & Teams
Aligning your personal purpose to your work is critical to living a life that thrives. We help leaders re-ignite their passion for their work, transferring directly to their impact at home.

Starting at $3,000


Sometimes re-alignment to your purpose and why takes time. We can help identify your growth problems over time and provide solutions that promote long-term growth and sustainability in your profits. 

Starting at $2,500 per month.


Confusing, small stories aren’t your jam, but you don’t know the way out. You need someone to partner with you, so your vision can move forward. Schedule a Call with us today and let us help. 

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