How We Help Our Clients Re-Align Their Purpose

Learn more about our team and the tools we use to help you find the clarity you need. 

A Trusted Guide For the Clarity & leverage You Want

Your organization has been successful and you’re ready to scale further. Every stakeholder inside your organization is counting on it to flourish.

The problem is, you’ve tried everything under the sun and you keep hitting a ceiling on your growth. Training, leadership development, and sales aren’t cutting it. You don’t know what to do next, and you’re frustrated. 

Being clear and leveraging what you stand for, where you’re going, and why it matters is more important than ever. Employees will disengage, top talent will go elsewhere and decline will be your destiny if you choose the status quo.

You’ve got an incredible vision you want to accomplish for your organization. The stakes are high and trusting an outside voice to help you find the clarity of purpose you need makes you a bit uneasy. 

We get it. It’s like letting someone into your family and asking them to help you make big decisions about your future. 

You deserve someone who

  • Understands the struggle you’re up against.
  • Knows how to get everyone on the same page.
  • Will help you arrive at a clear destination.
  • Has a history of experience working with people and teams.

Meet our founder.

ben weaver.

I get it. You deserve clarity on where you’re headed and leveraging your mission, vision & values for all they’re worth. Everyone inside of your organization is counting on it. But finding the level of clarity you need and putting it to work is hard.

I’ve worked with teams & organizations for over 20 years who are excited about making a bigger impact in the world with their purpose, mission and vision.  

Who you are, where you’re going, and why it matters to your people are MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER.

I can help you find the clarity you need.

the proven frameworks we use to make it all happen

we use story and narrative principles

A Time-Tested Approach That Delivers & Inspires Results

Why do we sit in a dark theater and watch a screen for two hours? 

Why do we lean in when someone starts to share part of their life with us? 

It’s because they are all stories and keep our brain engaged. They tug at our hearts and inspire us to become something greater than ourselves.

Stories are the most powerful
tool on the planet

The tools and frameworks we use with our clients follow narrative principles that have been keeping people engaged for thousands of years.

You love certain movies and books because they follow repeatable guidelines that our brains crave.

We put these same principles to work in developing your purpose, mission, vision, and guiding principles. You’ll see the greatest return on your investment because they’ll create behaviors and actions for your team that will drive your organization to further success.

What our clients say about our work:

We’re part of the Business Made Simple family

Ben Weaver, our lead consultant is a Business Made Simple Certified Coach. Business Made Simple is an online university platform that helps business owners take the mystery out of growing their business.

It’s built on knowledge and frameworks that help people in the marketplace become value-driven professionals and grow successful companies.

Have Us Conduct a Workshop So You Can Inspire Your Team & Increase Your Profits

With a consultant that pushes you to clarity and guides you to the right destination, you will experience a proven process that gets your team on the same page and skyrockets your productivity. Here’s what an engagement with us looks like:



First, you and your team will receive an introduction to the power of storytelling & why framing your organization like a movie gives you the highest return for your team and profits.



Next, we’ll brainstorm and identify a clear direction your story should go and create your guiding principles: your mission, vision & values. Your purpose will be re-aligned and your entire story will come to life. We can’t overstate how thrilled our clients are to have these in place.



Once your guiding principles have been identified, it’s time to put them to work. We’ll deliver a purpose strategy playbook that you can implement into your entire organization  from top to bottom, so everyone can feel as excited as you are.



With a clear view of your purpose, mission, and why it matters, you’ll discover more of what your company can do. Our follow-up coaching will help you dream bigger about what comes next. The sky’s the limit and the possibilities endless.

your path to a clear way forward


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Choose A Date

Workshops take place over one or two days with action items following. We’ll work with your team to find the best time to bring everyone together to re-align your purpose, mission and values.


Grow Like Crazy

After working together, you’ll have everything you need to smash through the ceiling you’ve been hitting and grow like crazy.  You’ll be set up to thrive now and in the future!

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Clarity on where you are going and why it matters is crucial to growing a thriving organization. Every stakeholder is counting on you to help it to flourish.

Schedule a Call with us today and let us help you discover the clarity you need to know where you stand and keep your business moving forward.

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