How to Create Raving Fans & Get More Referrals By Building a Customer Journey

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Curt has been providing marketing services for companies locally and around the world for over 10 years.  He is passionate about helping these companies make better connections with their customers by using the right words to talk about their product or service.   By helping them truly understand what problem they are solving for their customer he is able to create marketing that wins more sales, attracts the right type of customer, and helps his clients keep the customers they love to serve.


He is the owner of Well Dressed Walrus.  (A marketing agency in Spokane, WA).  He is a certified StoryBrand guide and a StoryBrand Live Workshop coach.  


He and his wife Kelli have 2 beautiful girls.  Ava asks lots of questions and Madeleine is always one “Dad watch this” away from an emergency room visit.  


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