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Learn the Five Marketing Tools You Need to
Develop & Launch Your Startup in a Recession

Friday, November 13th – 11AM on Zoom


Is your marketing plan making you money or draining your resources?

Is your marketing plan making you money or draining your resources? Startups are frustrated at spending money on marketing that hasn’t worked for them. Your bottom line isn’t budging, and it’s leaving you even more discouraged in a down market.

In How to Spend Less on Marketing & Sell More: Your Clear Roadmap to Launching Your Startup in a Recession, Ben Weaver of Bigger Story will share the five marketing tools startups need to engage customers and grow their business through this recession.

Here's what you'll learn
in the presentation:

The five marketing tools you need in place to launch your startup

We’ll give you the exact plan you need to engage customers and grow your business through this recession. These are non-negotiable’s.

the way to talk about your product to grab your investors or customer's attention.

We’ll cover a simple and effective way you can use to
talk about what you offer so your customers will buy.

The best way to bring leads into your business using your website

You have a problem if your website isn’t converting customers. We’ll help you fix it, and show you exactly what you need on your homepage. 

The sure-fire way to engage with your customers using e-mail.

We’ll teach you how to market appropriately to your
e-mail list and close more deals without sounding sleazy.

This & Much More!


My name is Ben Weaver, the CEO of Bigger Story. I’ve worked with teams, organizations & businesses for over 15-years that have found ways to lead well in times of difficulty. I understand your desire to want launch your idea and startup with a bang.

But the problem we are up against right now in our market is no joke. You need a clear plan in place that is proven to work across industries to launch and grow your startup effectively.

The time to move forward with a clear marketing plan is now – not later. Register for the StartUp Week Presentation today & let’s get you the marketing tools you need to launch this startup in a recession.

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A lot is riding on you launching your startup effectively. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a clear marketing plan & set your business up to thrive in and through this recession. Register for this webinar and let us help you get off on the right foot.

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