what if we could

A weekend retreat for high-achieving men who want
to live freely & lightly in an abundant relationship with God. 

Oct 12th-15th, 2023


gather with
like-minded men

FILL YOUR tank &
get refreshed

lead from a place of strength

we live under a heavy burden we were not meant to carry.

god's invitation
is to live

freely & lightly


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The path to a life of walking freely and lightly is less traveled but worth every step.
Here are key themes we’ll explore in our weekend that are critical to an unstoppable life:


There is nothing to earn or prove. When we recalibrate our hearts to our true identity as a Son of God, we no longer have to live under the heavy lies we’ve believed about who we’re supposed to be. Learning God as Father is key to thriving.


We carry more of the weight of others than our souls can handle. When we understand our relationship with our loved ones and those entrusted to our care as God intended, we will walk more confidently into any situation. Most men never go here. We will. 


We were made to live as an unstoppable force for the good of others and God’s Kingdom – but not without borders. We’ll explore your relationship to what you do, the inheritance marked out for you as a Son, and how we can walk more freely inside proper boundary lines in your life and business.


God offers us a narrow path into His Bigger Story daily – but most men never take it. We’ll explore how to live in deeper union with God, building resilience in your heart over time so your family and business endeavors don’t have to pay the price. 

this gathering is for

the few

This retreat isn’t for everyone. You are here on purpose. Your name and face were brought to the hearts of those putting this intimate gathering together. We believe God is orchestrating something special in October in Fennville, Michigan. We’d love for you to join us.

a message from YOUR GUIDE

for the weekend together

The weight of what we carry from day to day is unbearable. We’ve come to believe it’s the burden we were meant to carry, but this was not God’s intention.

We were made to walk freely & lightly – day by day, pursuit by pursuit, in everything.

We were made to live out of a deep well of abundance and strength. We were made to be unstoppable, ready for anything, anywhere. 

Is it possible? Absolutely

Men, we were made for more than just striving in small stories we can control. We were made to abide and thrive as Sons in God’s Bigger Story.

Join us at the retreat and take a road less traveled where only a few go. It’s the road to fullness, wholeheartedness, and a life with God our minds cannot comprehend but is offered daily. 

Join us on the shores of Lake Michigan on October 12-15 and be prepared to be rejuvenated, restored, and renewed as Sons of God.


about ben

Ben Weaver is the Founder of Bigger Story, a coaching and consulting firm dedicated to helping high-level leaders, their families and the organizations they lead step into the bigger story they were created for.

Ben is an author, speaker and thought leader and has over 20 years of experience as a pastor and non-profit leader. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his beautiful bride Shauna and their daughters, Mabel & Gemma.

"The most important thing in your life is not what you do; it's who you become. That's what you will take into eternity."



answers to questions you may have

The retreat is set on a beautiful home on the shores of Lake Michigan in Fennville MI. 

Our days will move slowly. Group sessions will take place throughout the day with significant time given for personal reflection, prayer and growth. The spirit of the weekend is not “tips and tricks”, but learning a posture of living out of abundance as a Son of God.

Meals will be full and rich. There will be plenty of time for fireside conversations to connect with other like-minded, passionate and high-achieving business men who want to do great things for God. 

Group sessions will be led and facilitated by Ben to help you foster an ongoing conversation with God.

$1500 for Collective Members, $3000 for Non-Collective Members. This covers everything – you just need to get yourself to Michigan. 

Begins at 6PM on Oct. 12th and ends at 12PM on Oct. 15th.

Flights to the retreat are best made into Grand Rapids, MI , and is approximately 1 hour from the airport to the house. 

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