your family
was made to


Learn how to write a compelling family
mission statement in one workshop.

sunday, january 23rd
7:00-8:30PM CST on ZOOM

Strong & healthy families

start with mission

We live in a bonkers world. Families are being pulled in multiple directions and we aren’t sure what to do. 

You need a mission to ground you. Your family should have a true north statement of who you are, what your family is about and the good you want to do in the world.   


A family mission statement will help you:

Understand what
you want to be
known For.

inspire your children to something bigger than themselves.

Tell a clear story
that gets everyone on
the same page.

what you'll learn at the workshop:

A step-by-step formula on how to create a family mission statement that inspires everyone.

How to create this together with your spouse.

how to implement this into your family right away.

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jan. 23rd | 7-8:30PM

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